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Get your stimulus package now.

Shawn Zelasko

Stimulus Package
We hope this email finds you and your loved ones safe and healthy! We are all feeling the effects of COVID-19. While we recognize that this has caused a burden for some, we also know that things such as garage doors still need service and repair. With so many of us at home, we are now hearing the noisy garage door opening and closing.

Shawn Zelasko

Shawn Zelasko | The Garage Door Guy!

Because we appreciate you trusting us with your service needs in the past, Saturday Garage Doors would like to offer you and your neighbors a reward for scheduling services on the same day.

The regular rate for a service call/maintenance call is $139. The reward we are offering depends on how many neighbors choose to join in on a single day

Two Neighbors – $89 each ($50 off)
Three Neighbors – $69 each ($70 off)
Four to Nine Neighbors – $49 each ($90 off)

If you get Ten Neighbors to sign up, the service call/maintenance call will be $39 each and your service call/maintenance call will be free of charge!
Service calls/Maintenance call includes Lube & Oil Door, Adjustments to Doors and Adjustments to Openers. If any parts are required, there will be an extra charge

We look forward to meeting your garage door needs.

Shawn Zelasko, Owner

P.S. Don’t need our services but have other troubles around the home? I network with other local business owners in the home services industry. I would love to share their information with you.

The most versatile garage screen on the planet!

The most versatile garage screen on the planet!

Saturday Garage Doors | Garage Door Repair Near Me

The most versatile garage screen on the planet! Now available from Saturday Garage Doors.
The lifestyle screen is the most versatile screen available today. Placed inside your garage door, it gives you a barrier to all the mosquitos and gives you a great screened in area for your garage space.

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Expert Garage Services

Expert Garage Services

Find Expert Garage Door Service in Jersey Village, TX and the Houston area.

How to maintain your garage doors.


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