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Whether you need garage door repair or installation services, you won’t regret choosing Saturday Garage Doors for help. We’ve been providing garage door service to residents of the Jersey Village and Houston, TX area for years. Our contractors have the skills and equipment needed to complete your job right the first time.

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A full​ selection of all types of remote operations​.

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15 years of installation experience in all forms and sizes of garage doors for residential use.

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We have been doing this for over a decade and know how to inspect and fix any door problem you may have.

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Freequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary to hire a professional Garage door Company?

No, you don’t have to hire a professional garage door company.  You can install it yourself, but you should know about the dangers when choosing a Do It Yourself approach. It might seem easy to install the garage door, but a garage door system is actually fairly complex. It relies on precise balancing, weight distribution, and alignment to function properly.

Saturday Garage Door company can help you through the selection process and the installation as well as provide warranties for their work.

How do I know if I need a replacement garage door, or if the current one can be fixed?

A reputable garage door company like Saturday Garage Doors can help you decide whether a garage door needs to be repaired or can be fixed and will normally carry the proper parts to do the work while at your home. Your budget and the extent of your needed repairs will always be a part of that decision-making process.  Typically, if the cost of repairs is 50% or more of the price of a new garage door, then new updated equipment and technology would probably be recommended. We can help you make this determination.

Does my garage door need to be serviced regularly?

The amount of routine maintenance needed will vary depending on the quality of the materials used. The International Door Association recommends that you have your garage door serviced at least once a year. Saturday Garage Doors can provide you with guidelines or better yet stop in do it for you on a specified schedule.

Are there different quality of precision springs? Why is there a disparity in pricing?

Typical garage door springs are rated for 5,000 to 10,000 cycles, while precision springs can last for up to 50,000 cycles. A cycle is defined as one full opening and closing of the garage door.  The springs owe their life span to rust-protection coatings and heavy duty build. Some springs last up to five times longer than other springs, and they need to be replaced less frequently.  These highly rated springs will cost more than low cost, low cycle time springs.

Do I need insulation on my Garage Door?

In warmer climates like southeastern Texas, insulated garage doors provide a number of benefits to you and your home. Insulated garage doors keep warm air out, and it also keeps cooler air in. This can provide money savings in energy costs and keep the garage a comfortable temperature. This is important if your garage is below a bedroom or used as a living space.

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Our garage door went off the tracks early one morning and Shawn was quick to respond with his phone call back and repair of our garage.  He gave us tips on how to maintain our garage door and we will definitely be calling him (and recommending him) should any more needs arise

Jenifer Maynard -2019

Shawn was fast and professional! I needed to get my garage door fixed and a lot of places were closed this Saturday. He squeezed me into his schedule and was great at communicating his arrival time. When he got to my place he fixed my garage door in 30 minutes and was quick and efficient as well as honest and polite ! Thank you Shawn !

Samantha Advincula – 2019

Shawn is the best! Knowledgeable, quick, and courteous. First time I needed him was to install an opener back in 2017. Today, 12/5/18, I called him to complete a repair. He’s straight up with you and explains what he’s doing. Will definitely call him for all future garage door/opener issues.

Krystal Greyberg

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